Tuesday, 20 February 2018

The Ultimate First Apartment Essentials Guide

A few weeks ago, it clicked to me that I’m going to be 25 in four months. How scary is that?! Those “oh dear god I’m almost 25” memes are finally starting to make more sense.

On a more positive note, a lot of my friends are growing up and moving out of their parents houses; or moving out of rented houses for an apartment alone. My best friend, Sam, is doing that very soon. She asked me to create a blog post for her showcasing some gorgeous home décor ideas, plus apartment things. Therefore, I thought that I would write a post about some first apartment must haves.

Quite often, we get so excited about all the wall art and blankets we can buy. However, there’s a lot more things like cleaning supplies and extension cords that we sometimes forget about. I fell in love with Jessica Slaughter’s ultimate college shopping list post so I thought I would do something similar. Tomorrow I’ll post 10 cute home décor items under $50!

Entrance Area

Door mat – Anthropologie | Etsy | Amazon
Bench – The Bay | Amazon

Living Room

Couch – Ikea
Coffee table – Wayfair | Amazon
Side tables – Amazon
Television – Amazon
TV stand – Amazon


Silverware set – Amazon
Silverware organizer – Amazon
Knife set – Amazon | The Bay
Dishes – Amazon | Wayfair
Pots & pans – Amazon | Wayfair
Instant pot – The Bay
Crock pot – Wayfair
Utensil set – Amazon
Utensil holder – Amazon | The Bay
Mixing bowls – Amazon | Wayfair | The Bay
Can opener – Amazon
Oven mitts – Anthropologie | Wayfair | Amazon
Toaster – Amazon
Microwave – Amazon
Coffee maker – Amazon
Kettle – Amazon
Food storage containers – Wayfair | Amazon
Aluminum foil – Amazon
Plastic wrap – Amazon
Food storage bags – Amazon
Trash can – Amazon | The Bay
Garbage bags – Amazon
Dish soap – Amazon
Wash cloths – Amazon
Dish towels – Amazon
Drying rack – The Bay | Amazon


Shower curtain – Anthropologie | Urban Outfitters | Amazon
Bath mat – Amazon
Extra toothbrushes – Amazon
Toothpaste – Amazon
Toilet paper – Amazon
Kleenex – Amazon
Toilet brush – Amazon
Toilet plunger – Amazon
Hand soap – Amazon
Towel set – Amazon


Bed frame – The Bay | Urban Outfitters | Amazon
Mattress & box spring – Amazon | Ikea
Pillows – Amazon | Wayfair
Comforter/duvet – Anthropologie | Urban Outfitters
Hangers – Amazon
Laundry basket – The Bay
Chair for desk – Urban Outfitters | Wayfair

Cleaning & more

General cleaning spray – Amazon
Window cleaning spray – Amazon
Bathroom cleaner – Amazon
Cleaning wipes – Amazon
Paper towel – Amazon
Laundry detergent – Amazon
Fabric softener – Amazon
Dryer sheets – Amazon
Large garbage bags – Amazon
Vacuum cleaner – Amazon
Broom & dust pan – Amazon
Swiffer – Amazon
Mini toolbox – Amazon
Flashlight set – Amazon
Batteries – Amazon
Emergency kit – Amazon
First aid kit – Amazon

Monday, 19 February 2018

links + loves

It’s official. I think winter 2017/2018 is going to be the death of me. With this ear infection turned swollen jaw and now stomach flu/an extremely upset stomach, I don’t know if I can take another illness.

This week has honestly been so terrible in the world. My heart is absolutely broken over the Florida shooting. I cannot imagine how the families of the teenagers who passed away must feel, nor can I imagine how difficult it must be to even get out of bed every day for the survivors. As a Canadian, I have a strong opinion on gun control laws but will not speak of them now. It is not the time or place.

On a lighter note, it’s Family Day in Ontario. A statutory holiday to spend time with your loved ones. I’m so excited for dinner with my mom tonight (if I can stomach it).

I was rummaging through websites this weekend out of pure boredom. I had started and almost finished a blog post yesterday but decided against posting it last minute. However, I did find these Spanx seamless leggings and they seem like the best thing since sliced bread!

I mentioned last week that I’ve been having difficulties with my cell phone. About a year ago, I went from team iPhone to Galaxy. I hate my Galaxy and am so looking forward to going back to an iPhone. I want this case so badly for my next iPhone – it’s so cute!

I am absolutely in love with this weekender bag from Anthropologie!

Spoiler alert: at some point this week, I’m going to do an “awesome home décor under $50” post. However, for today I thought I would share this stay awhile hook! The gold is beautiful.

Love this microfiber sheet set from Amazon plus it’s $26 for a queen size set!

How handy are these Rubbermaid take along containers? They’re super affordable, too.

These figgy banana blondies sound amazing!

I have to patiently wait for my mouth to heal, but I’m dying to try these Kind granola bars in maple pumpkin seeds and peanut butter dark chocolate!

This all-natural homemade Vick’s vapour rub sounds amazing! ICYMI, Vick’s is full of chemicals. When you’re sick, it’s so much better to stick to something natural. 

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Five Blog Posts I'm Loving This Week

Happy Thursday, y’all! The weekend is almost here, thank goodness. It’s my day off today but I’m headed to my cardiologist in a bit then out for dinner with my best friend. We’re going for Pho and I’m so excited because it’s something that I can eat.

I went to my doctor on Monday and it turns out that I have TMJ from a prolonged misdiagnosis of an ear infection. I’m on soft foods and a night guard when I sleep for the next 12 weeks. I was disappointed at first, but I have a newfound love for eggs with hot sauce, lemon pudding and cheesy garlic mashed potatoes.

This week, there’s been some DIYs that I’m loving plus some recipes! I’m so excited to share the amazing posts that I’ve found recently.

Faux Leather Drawstring Tote Tutorial // Delia Creates Things 

Woven Jute Mat Tutorial // A Beautiful Mess

Turmeric Mouthwash Drops // Hello Glow

Peanut Butter Black Bean Brownies // Pumpkin and Peanut Butter 

Low Carb BBQ Sauce // The Little Pine 

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

My Current Beauty Wish List

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight

I have gotten into such a daily routine of makeup for work, and I need to change that so badly. I miss the days when it wasn’t out of the ordinary for me to throw on a cute lipstick or do a super neutral smoky eye for work. However, lately I’ve been filling in my eyebrows, throwing on some mascara, concealer and mascara. Maybe a touch of highlighter if I’m super early or if I look extremely tired. I need to get back into the routine of actually putting an effort into my makeup.

Recently, I have fallen in love with Tarte eyeshadow palettes; hence the two eyeshadow palettes on the list! I used to be a huge fan of the Naked palettes but unfortunately they haven’t been living up to my expectations more recently. I find myself going for Too Faced and Tarte palettes more and more.

Is there anything on your current wish list? Let me know in the comments!

Monday, 12 February 2018

links + loves

My phone is going to be the death of me, to be honest. After a long Sunday at work then a two- hour drive home from a detour, my phone decided it had “water damage”. However, there was no water damage. It took me two hours to even get it to recharge. I was so crabby about, but it seems to be on the mend. This is just another friendly reminder that I need to go back to iPhone; I hate my Galaxy sooooo much.

Also – does anyone have any tips of behaviours with cats? Oliver and Moose have been out of control recently. I’ve tried separating them, the good ol’ spray bottle and more. I feel like I’m running out of ideas. 

I thought that I would share my favourite website for stock photos – Unsplash! The photographers are so talented; it’s where I get 99% of my stock photos from.

These easy DIY bath bombs are great for a relaxing evening with a glass (or bottle) of wine!

This Ikea Hack DIY blanket ladder is so cute and great for chilly winter evenings.

This winter sangria sounds delicious!

Make your own coconut milk coffee creamer! Gluten free, dairy free & vegan, plus so much healthier than the store bought stuff.

I haven’t shopped at Forever21 in ages. It used to be my go-to, but lately I find myself sprinting out of there faster than I walk in. However, I do love this pajama set; especially in blue.

I love these mint green Adidas running shoes for spring!

P.S. I wrote this article listening to one of my all-time favourite songs, Skinny Love, on repeat. It’s so relevant these days, especially with Valentine’s Day coming up.